Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation Update

Well I'm here in sunny Florida for a few days so I thought I'd shoot out a quick update to prove I'm still intending to follow through on this whole mess. Before I left for vacation I got the last Journeybook (Return of the King) I was very lucky and found the second two for super cheap. I also got a Faramir model for $5 ($0.99 plus $4 of shipping :P) The ROTK book is different as most of the scenarios don't have recommended participants beyond key hero's. It bothered me at first, however I think by that point I will want to flex my creative muscles and that will give me an opportunity to mix and match some things. Also from a scenario design standpoint it makes sense as the forces are so much larger and varied than any battle from the earlier books. You've got a lot of players in the final few battles: Easterlings,Southrons, Khandish Mercs, Knights of Dol-Amroth, Lossarnach, Lamedon, Grey Company, etc. etc. etc. So being less restricted means I can have a smattering of whatever I want without having to shell out too much money for 30 Knights of Dol-Amroth.

Anywho I've been scouring eBay for deals. I've struck well too. I have in the mail:

10 Warriors of Rohan (all with bow)
12 Rangers of Middle Earth (these will become dunedain more than likely)
1 Ringwraith Blister (includes foot and mtd. version.)
17 Warriors of Minas Tirith
Classic Fellowship poses of Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, and Boromir. So I have almost all the fellowship except Gandalf, and I would like alternate versions of the hobbits but thats not vital. So I'm doing pretty good. I will also be acquiring (through a trade) the following, which will put me in great shape as it has lots of hard to find and expensive stuff:
 Aragorn at the Black Gate (Mounted)
Aragorn at Amon Hen
Boromir with Gondor Standard (Discontinued model)
Halabarad with Aragorn's Standard (Discontinued model)
Glorfindel on foot and mounted
Haldir in Mirkwood (discontinued model)
Legolas at Amon Hen
Gandalf at Khazad dûm


8 Minas Tirith Bowman
6 Minas Tirith Swordsman
6 Minas Tirith Spearmen
1 Minas Tirith Standard
3 Rangers of the Gondor
3 Fountain Guard
3 Knights of Dol Amroth
13 Numenorian Swordsman
5 Numenorian Spearmen
1 Numenorian Standard
3 Rangers of the North
5 High Elf Archers
2 High Elf Spearmen
2 High Elf Swordsmen
1 High Elf Standard
8 Khazad Guard

So be ready for lots of updates when I get back (hopefully)

Also I got a part-time job playing with Lego Robots! Yes I am an adult!

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