Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thats a lot of robes!

Just a bit of humor there for you (a la the post title)

Anyhow, down to business.

This post is mainly just to show off the finished Nazgul Riders, and the spruced up Ringwraiths on foot! Now, as my camera is terrible (its my phone camera, 5.1 megapixel) you may not be able to see a difference from my last post. However all I've done is add a drybrush of codex grey. I think this game them a good pop as they were looking a little bit boring in my humble opinion. Below are two lighting options as well, one with flash, the other with just my desk lamp. I thought about adding some dirt around the bottoms of the cloaks but don't have the colors I would want to use for that. I also got lazy and I'm really tired of painting Nazgul (which is funny because I have a lot more to paint).

Now here are the mounted guys, all finished and done. I got really lazy on them, as I despise painting horses (too many hard to reach places with large surface area). Also one of them was kind of miscast on one side but you can't really tell from the pictures. Anyhow, dont judge too harshly. I also ended up adding the codex grey drybrush on the rider's cloaks as well. However I do regret that I did the horses in black now however, as all the GW pictures I've found show dark brown horses, so on the rest that might be what I do. You can also tell from the detail shots that the primer coat got really grainy, probably due to humidity (its hot here). So I'll try to avoid that next time. I'll shut up and show you pictures now.

So that's all for now. Look for an update sometime later this week or next as I'm itching to start my Dunedain/Rangers.

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