Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Update


So I got a little behind my planned schedule due to work and an upcoming vacation. I need some black primer anyhow so the Ringwraiths will be on the back burner until I get back from vacation. Since I didn't have any primer, and I got bored, I decided to build a fort! I also found the other two Journeybooks I will need. These are the hard part as their out of print and hard to find. I have The Two Towers, and Return of the King should hopefully arrive before I leave for vacation. The scenarios in Two Towers have me itching to skip the Fellowship book because their so cool, but I'm sticking by my guns! Also no luck on ebay auctions recently :( but I'll be selling a lot of 40k and WHFB stuff when I get back so I'll have funds to bid more aggressively.


This is based on the basic templates featured in the main rulebook, as well as the old Siege Of Gondor Sourcebook. I had to alter and hand-draw the templates somewhat however as I used 13mm foamcore, being unable to find the 10mm thickness suggested. I plan to paint them, add brickwork (using pencil) and some balsa wood accents (trapdoors and a gate). Here are the results:

I think they turned out pretty good!

Special Guest

Since I don't have much to offer I thought I would feature my wife's art on the blog! These are 6x8 canvas boards with tapestry thread dipped in elmers used to create the shapes. I think their really pretty and simple and a great thing for her to do while I'm absorbed in painting or cutting up foamcore :P   (for some reason blogger keeps auto rotating this pic, so just turn your head to the side XD )

What to look forward to:

After vacation I should be able to start more earnestly (hopefully) its hard when life gets in the way of hobbies. On my list are:

-Keep hunting for ebay deals, specifically nazgul and dunedain.
-Buy some 1" insulation foam to start building terrain
-Sell, sell, sell. Get rid of 40k and WHFB stuff to fund this project and make space for the new stuff
-More TBA!

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