Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nazgul and beyond


So, sorry it's been so long for an update, but life takes precadence over painting unfortunately. My vacation was lovely, and I spent some time at home in the mountains and managed to find some old supplies with which to build some terrain. Also the previous trade I mentioned fell through :( However I set up another one on and I just shipped my end today! This trade has a ton of good stuff and will mainly satisfy the later books. Anywho on to the painting!

The 4 (out of 9)

So the idea of painted a dude whos just wearing a black cloak and hood sounds kind of boring to me. So I decided to switch it up a bit. The normal way I would paint a model like this would be to start with a black undercoat, and work up through mixes of grays and blacks using dry brushing. However thats way to easy. I also don't have any black primer, so that option was out as hand basing takes forever!

However I do have grey spray paint. So I did the only natural thing and decided to paint these guys inside out. That is to say, start with gray underneath and go from there. How you may ask? Well a long time ago I saw MightyChad painting some sort of beastman or something (It might have been a PP model) and he was painting the skin by layering on thin layers of wash over a white undercoat. Well I had a gray undercoat and black wash (badab black to be precise), and VOILA! I ended up doing three coats to get the color dark enough, and that almost cleaned out a pot of the stuff as I layered it on very heavily. However I think the effect works great. I got lazy when spray coating them so there were some spots where the metal showed through, but like I said, its hard to get excited about a guy that looks like a 90's horror movie killer without his mask.

I think they turned out pretty good! The metal bits (swords and armor) were painted by applying a layer of Tin Bitz followed by a drybrush of boltgun metal. Usually I would have proceeded to a further drybrush of chainmail, however I wanted these guys to look extra grungy and nasty (as Nazgul should).

I also painted two mounted Nazgul at the same time. However I haven't made it to the horses yet, but they'll be coming soon. Here's a sneak peak!

In other news...

My previous trade I had lined up fell through, however I have another one which should be here by sometime next week. Its a whopper amount of stuff and includes the following, mostly stuff thats useful for later scenarios. Also, as soon as I'm done with these Nazgul I'll start painting up some Dunedain (I'll be using plastic ranger models as the Dunedain are hard to find and expensive).

Merry & Pippen VS Grishnakh
Moria armoured goblins
Glorfindel mounted and on foot
Gandalf on Shadowfax
Elladin and Elrohir
Mounted Boromir
Eomer Mounted
Legolas and Gimli on horseback
Gandalf the white
Warg Riders x3
Uruk Hai Warriors (LoTR)
Sam, Frodo, Gollum on rock (two towers) x2
Cave troll
Cave Troll w/ spear x2
Rohan Royal Guard on foot
RingWraith on foot
Gorbag and Shagrat
Sam and Frodo in orc armor

Box sets
Heroes of the West
Ambush at Amon Hen
Attack at Weathertop
Fellowship of the Ring

Return of the King x2
Two Towers x1

Army Box
Forces of Free People

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