Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick Update and Next Steps


So last night I started prepping my painting area, also known as my computer desk. Had a significant pileup of old papers, tax returns, and fishing odds and ends (my other hobby is bass fishing, go figure).

I also got out my boxes and cases of models to ascertain what all I have and what I need to prep. I totally forgot I had a complete Fog on the Barrow Downs box set, which is great because it makes up an entire scenario, as well as being pretty hard to find for a decent price on eBay.

I also found my mounted Arwen with Frodo model. Since I plan to paint the foot version of Arwen, as well as the foot and mounted version of Glorfindel, and all of those models use similar pallets, I am going to hold off on painting until I get a chance to base coat the Arwen model.

The weather here has been good, if a bit humid so that should be tonight. I will also likely base some other models to save time.

On tonight's to-do list are:
- Base coat a handful of models (Fog on the Barrow Downs will for sure be getting a coat)
- Check paints for clumping/drying and remedy any issues
- Pick pallet for Elves, Horses, and injured Frodo
- Plan next steps for painting
- Stare at blue foam and be afraid of scenery construction

That's all for now! I'll probably be posting pics of everything I've painted so far, as well as a list of the models I have and need in the near future, or between painting updates.

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