Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"A light from the shadow shall spring..."

Aure Entuluva!

I am back! Recently at work I was bored and started browsing The One Ring, currently the best LoTR SBG forum with active membership. Looking at some of the beautiful and inspiring work on its extensive pages, with some projects going back years, I found myself yearning to paint and create once again.

I have recently been working on clearing out a lot of my excess hobby materials, including old armies, dusty board games, and general junk. This has given me a lot of extra space, and handling all my old stuff has made me nostalgic.

Another driving factor is that I'm a teacher, and the school year is approaching a close, leaving me with a good bit of free time on my hands. Therefore I hope to begin keeping a decent schedule of work, and hopefully you, the readers, will hold me accountable.

I intend to continue this project where it left off, painting Glorfindel and Arwen, as well as new variations on the 4 hobbits. I also have some other pieces which are primed and may get a splash of paint simply to help me brush up my skills, but we'll have to see how motivated I can be!

One more small note, if you've noticed, I have added ads via Google AdSense. This is a way for me to make a small amount of money through my blog. It amounts to about $0.01 per ad click, but I plan to take any money earned and apply it toward purchasing more models for the project. All you have to do is click the ad, you can then close it, or continue looking at whatever it is they want you to buy. This would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to catch up on what this project is, or why I'm doing it as such, read through the old posts (there aren't that many honestly) or just check out the introduction post. And finally, if you are interested in my work, then I strongly encourage you to head over to The One Ring and register and browse the WiP and Campaign sections, ESPECIALLY Celevue's LOTR Campaign Thread and the accompanying "behind the scenes" WiP thread. It is a similar project to mine, but taken to the 1000th degree and done way better.

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