Monday, March 4, 2013

Legolas of the Woodland Realm

Planning and Research

With the exception of the Dúnedain and Nazgûl, I have been using the schemes provided in the Journeybooks almost exclusively. Any parts of models not covered, or which I think look stupid get a redux using my oft ill conceived color schemes (remember, I'm color blind). I also tend to fiddle with some of the browns, typically going for darker shades or mixes to paint leather straps and packs. I took some freedom with Legolas, mainly because the scheme given in the Journeybook is wrong. It calls for painting all of his tunic with Dark Angels Green (Caliban Green), however in the films Legolas is actually wearing a brown leather covering over the front of his outfit, as well as soft leather pauldrons on his shoulders. I thought this was funny so I turned to a book I've been using when I can't quite figure out what the sculptor was going for:

I picked this book up ages ago on a whim from Barnes and Noble, not knowing how useful it is. Its about 220 pages with lots of commentary and good photos of props used in the movies, including stuff from behind the scenes, such as Gil-Galad's armor, and some good full color concept art. So I went to the section on Legolas, and I confirmed my suspicion about the leather coverlet over his tunic. I also remembered (and confirmed) that the sculpts I would be painting had different bows. The first has a Mirkwood style short recurve bow. The Amon-Hen scuplt has Legolas wielding a Lorien bow, made from mallorn heartwood, and much stronger, longer, and stouter than Legolas' earlier bow, however it lacks the gold detailing of the shorter Mirkwood bow.

With these two I tried my hand at painting inside out. Meaning I started with painting the skin, something I usually leave until last. I really enjoyed doing it this way as the model started feeling more "done" ealier on, which is always heartening. I think from now on I will be painting inside out with characters and one-offs, and outside-in for batch painting as it usually involves drybrushes and washing which can mar an underlying layer. On to the scheme discussion and pictures!


Skin: Bestial Brown, Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh.
Hair: Vomit Brown, Ushabti Bone (Bleached Bone) drybrush, P3 Flesh Wash.

The scheme in the book recommened the final high light be a mix of Dwarf and Elf flesh, but I like my elves to be really brightly skinned, so I opted not to tone down the final highlight. Notice the lack of eye painting, again that's because I am terrible at it, and the true-scale the LOTR models used (as opposed to Warhammer's heroic scale) means you can't really tell at gaming distance if the model's eyes are painted or not.

Everything Else

Underclothes: Shadow Grey, Fortress Grey
Tunic: Caliban Green (Dark Angels Green), Caliban Green 50/50 mix with Ushabti Bone (Bleached Bone)
Leather Coverlet/Shoulders/Boots/Gauntlets/Quiver: Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown
Leather Straps: Scorched Brown, Doombull Brown (Dark Flesh)
Fellowship Sculpt Bow/Arrow Hafts: Dark Flesh, Bestial Brown
Amon-Hen Sculpt Bow and Quiver/White Knife Handles: Bestial Brown, Ushabti Bone, Reaper Ivory
Arrow Flights: MM Acryl Dark Green, Interior Green
Elven Cloak: Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Astronomicon Grey
Gold Details: Shining Gold, P3 Flesh Wash, Burnished Gold
Silver Details: Chaimail, Mithril Silver

All in all these were a joy to paint, much more fun that Aragorn(s). In the coming days look for an update as I start painting Gimli(s), at which point he only Fellowship members left to paint will the Boromir, and additional Hobbits! I also am acquiring, through a trade: Balin and Khazad guard, 3 Knights of Dol-Amroth, 3 Fountain Guard, 3 Rangers of Gondor, Gandalf at Khazad-Dum, and Haldir in Lorion (unarmored). Super excited about that.

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