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Axe(s) of the Dwarf(ves)

So after tackling the taller parts of the Fellowship, I have to move on to everyone's favorite dwarf, Gimli, Son of Gloin. As most of you know, Gloin was a member of the party of dwarves in the Quest of Erebor (The Hobbit), and Gimli is his son. Dwarves are very long lived, not as long as the elves, however Gimli was not allowed to participate in Thorin Oakenshield's quest as he was deemed too young (a measly sixty years old!) by dwarf standards. Although relegated to comic relief in Peter Jackson's trilogy, Gimli is remarkably notable in the story of the Third Age. Most notable is the fact that he was the first dwarf of his age to readily fight alongside an elf (Legolas), and to later leave on the ships into the West, to the Undying Lands!! Probably the most important thing about Gimli as a character is his relationship with Galadriel. I have already touched on Galadriel's massive importance to the saga a few posts back, but it is speculated that it was Galadriel's influence amongst the Valar which gave Gimli leave to visit Valinor. Before I get too long winded I'll go ahead and point readers to this page to read the rest of Gimli's history.

Tiny Beards, Big Hearts

So, as with Aragorn and Legolas, I chose to paint two different sculpts of Gimli. The first, the normal Fellowship sculpt, and the second, the Amon-Hen version. The only real difference is that the Amon-Hen sculpt is wearing an Elven cloak, which obscures much of the rear detail on the model, meaning it was quite a bit easier to paint.

At first I had a terrible time painting these models, as I had to mix a lot of colors. Furthermore, like Aragorn, it seemed like I was just painting a bunch of different shades of brown and it looked bad and muddled. However as I got closer to being finished the scheme really started to come together and I think it really came out well for the most part. I particularly like how the gold detailing on the upper sleeves appears, as well as the cloak on the AH sculpt. On to pictures and scheme discussion to follow!:

Jacket: Dark Flesh, Wazdakka Red (Red Gore)
Boots, Gloves, Shoulder Straps, Helmet: Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown
Axe Hafts: Doombull Brown, Bestial Brown, Bestial Brown/Ushabti Bone mix
Axes, Helmet, Mail, Metal bits: Boltgun Metal, p3 Flesh Wash, Chainmail and Mithril Silver drybrushes
Gold Bits: Shining Gold, p3 Flesh Wash, Burnished Gold
Skin: Dwarf Flesh, p3 Flesh Wash, Elf Flesh, p3 Flesh Wash, Elf Flesh
Beard: Doombull Brown, Doombull Brown/Ushabti Bone mix, 3rd Highlight w/ more Ushabti
Top Sleeves: Reaper MS Pure Black, Shining Gold
Backpack, Elven Cloak: Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Astronomicon Grey

On Deck

Next update expect Boromir! I may do the mounted version as well simply to save time, although I will probably NOT be painting dying Boromir at this time as he isn't really essential and is more of a diorama style piece. Following that I will paint better versions of the 4 Hobbits and then eventually move on to some Elves.... (*looks at Glorfindel*)

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