Monday, February 18, 2013

Back in the game!!!

Wow. Its been awhile...

Well I would like to say that I'm ready to put in a little bit of work on this project again. I've been inspired lately by reading The Book of Lost Tales 1 and the Children of Hurin.

I must say that I am now fully of the opinion that the First Age (of the Sun that is) was the best age. Sure the Battle of the Pelennor and Helm's Deep and all that was super badass and epic, but nothing beats the image of Turin Turambar, hanging from a cliff, and gutting the most malevolent dragon in the history of the world. I mean come on! Well I just hope that New Line can get ahold of the rights to do some movies based around the Silmarillion, because I would love nothing more than to see the Fall of Gondolin or the War of Wrath on screen.

But on to models! I have almost finished the last 5 Nazgul to round out the Nine (on foot), as well as another mounted one. That will bring me up to all 9 I need for now, and 3 total mounted guys, which aren't totally essential, but I do want the full set eventually. Look for pictures of all the Nine on my next post.

Also on deck to be primed when I get some good weather:

- The 4 Hobbits (pre-Lorien edition)
- Gandalf (Fellowship version with staff and sword)
- Aragorn (Fellowship version)
- Aragorn (Weathertop sculpt w/ torch)
- Glorfindel ft. and mtd. (My all time favorite character next to Galadriel probably.)
- Arwen on foot (Hoping to get a mounted version, or the version w/ Frodo too.)
- Boromir (Fellowship foot and mounted)
- Legolas (Fellowship)
- Gimli (Fellowship)

Basically I'm super pumped about getting some more work done on this project. Since my last post I've managed to wrangle 2 more boxes of warg riders (which will double as wild wargs), a box of 12 Moria goblins, the Hobbit starter set (the terrain will be great to use as Isengard mine works), and a box of the Hobbit Warg Riders. Be looking for more soon!

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